''Guide them with a Lego on a string''

As a professional: I’ve been developing games for over 7 years now, working on AAA releases, client based and personal projects. During this time I’ve worked on various projects from Adventure RPG’s to Multiplayer Deathmatch arenas, with my expertise lying in first/third person single player level design. However, I’ve gathered a background in technical, multiplayer, procedural and puzzle design as well.  

My design philosophy: I’m a firm believer in letting the player play by ‘putting the lego block on a string’; tempting the player with something fun and guiding them into creating something memorable. 

As a person: I’m a storyteller, motivator and an adventurer. Constantly striving to create new stories and experiences I can share with other people. Through my curiosity I try to inspire myself and others to find new solutions to common problems, thriving in environments with people that share my aspiration, ambition and creative drive.

Interests: Games – Hiking – Boxing – Drawing – Photography – Playing guitar

Games I like

  • Hollow knight
  • Inside
  • Fable franchise
  • The Last of Us
  • League of Legends
  • Legend of Zelda: Wind waker
  • Owlboy
  • Overwatch
  • Shadow of Mordor
  • Super mario Sunshine
  • Super Smash Bros series
  • Towerfall ascension
  • The Witcher 3 wild hunt
  • The Witness
  • Dark souls III
  • The Division
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion & V: Skyrim

Bachelor of Science

Creative Media and Game Technologies
(Magna Cum laude)

Certificate of Procifiency in English (C2)

University of Cambridge

Atheneum Vwo-Diploma

KSG de Breul


Unreal Engine

Skyrim's Creation Kit




Unreal Blueprint editor

Autodesk Maya

Google SketchUp

Basic C# in VIsual Studio


Microsoft Office




Source control






The Great Eggscape

BaRock Battles

NHTV Prizes

During the course of development on Lordbound we have been featured in articles on both Kotaku and PC gamer. Winning the 2018 most anticipated mod & getting featured on Kotaku & PC Gamer.

In 2018 we were chosen to represent the NHTV and the Netherlands during the biggest Brains Eden to date. Here, competing against 35 teams from Europe and Asia, we managed to win the Jury’s choice award.

In 2017 we joined the global gamejam with a 14-person team and managed to win the 2nd prize in the Houdini contest.  I was responsible for the management and planning as well as doing the VFX during the jam.

At the end of 2017 team Ragnarok won 3 prizes within the NHTV: Game of the year, Audience and Best Art award. This resulted into the project leads getting interviewed and the project being continued.

Furthermore in April and June of 2017 Epic games has included Ragnarok and DM_Pedrera in their sizzle reels. 


additional skills

greybox modeling



To further improve my whiteboxing toolset and create fast layouts I picked up SketchUp. Consequently, I created a couple of scenes and learned more about the toolset and workflow of the modelling software.

Throughout the years I have been doing anatomical studies, creating concept art and developing themes for look and feel.  My preferred tools are pen and pencil but I have experience in 3-D modeling, Digital drawing and wood working.

Recently I have picked up photography more seriously and started developing a sensibility for lighting, composition, framing and visual story telling. Consequently influencing my designs.

Contact me

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